Unity Stereo Mixertt





Unity gain Stereo Mixer. 12HP.



  • 10 stereo inputs.
  • 40dB LED level meter.
  • Power consumption: V+ 28mA, V- 24mA.



DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ASSEMBLED MODULE AND KIT: In assembled module right inputs are normalled from left inputs via jack's switched pins - for accepting mono signals. Also SMD chips - last generation Burr-Brown audio opamps.



PCB - 2mm thickness, gold platted, black mask. $25

Two panels - 12HP front & back. Anodized alu, black print. $25

SMD parts + soldering. $10

Shipping per set: $5 - only boards, $8 - boards+panels.


TOTAL for complete set with shipping: $68


Paypal: info(at)greenexpo.by


Assembled module $180 + $15 shipping.


MUFFWIGGLER forum thread https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=173122






PCB top.


PCB bottom.


Front panel.


Back panel.












Several stereo mixers mixed together into the L-1 Unity Stereo Mixer:





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